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Welcome to Howard Johnson's!
Our commitment to you, our valued guest, is to start your day the right way...with a freshly prepared breakfast served to you with a smile! To meet your personal tastes and needs we also offer: Sugar and salt substitutes, cholesterol-free eggs, light syrup, skim milk, and freshly brewed decaffeinated coffee

Please read the breakfast menu below or go right to the Lunch/Dinner Menu.



1. Eggs and Bacon Two eggs scrambled with three bacon strips and toast.........3.95

2. French Toast and Bacon Slices of french toast with three bacon strips, whipped butter and warm syrup..........3.95

3. Ham Quickie Two eggs scrambled with diced ham Served with toast..........3.75

4. Hot Cakes and Sausage Three hot cakes with three sausage links, whipped butter and warm syrup..........3.95
Make the blueberry, add .50

5. Ham and Eggs Two eggs scrambled, grilled ham slice and toast...........4.25

Chilled juice, two scrambled eggs with three grilled bacon strips, home fries, buttered toast with marmalade & jelly, coffee or tea..........5.45

Chilled juice, buttered corn or blueberry toastees, hot coffee or tea..........2.95

Orange, Apple, V8, Tomato, Cranberry
Chilled fruit cup..........2.30
Half Grapefruit...........1.25
Quaker Oatmeal........1.25
Assorted Cereals.......1.30
with half banana.........1.95

Scrambled and served with warm toast.... 2.65

Chilled juice, two eggs scrambled, buttered toast, marmalade and jelly, hot coffee or tea..........3.85

Grilled French toast, two sausage links and scrambled eggs- fresh fruit garnish..........3.95

-Three fluffy hot cakes..........2.65
-filled with blueberries...........2.95
-topped with strawberries and whipped cream.......4.25
-with two eggs any style..........4.25

Egg-dipped slices grilled 'til golden........ 2.65
-with strawberries and whipped cream.... 3.65

Grade"A" any style. Served with toast......... 2.20
-"Cholesterol-Free" may be substituted on any egg order--just add .50

Buttered toast...........65
English Muffin...................95
Bagel with cream cheese...........1.50
Freshly baked muffin...........1.50
Danish Pastry...........1.65
Toasted and buttered corn
or blueberry Toastee...........95

Three bacon strips..........1.65
Three sausage links.........1.65
Home fries..........1.25

Milk (regular or skim) sm...... .80 / lg...... 1.10
Hot chocolate......... 1.10
Pot of hot tea........... .95
Freshly brewed coffee
(regular of decaffeinated).... .95

KIDS 10 and under, we have a special
fun menu just for you !!




Onion Rings
Breaded in our special mix and golden fried.  2.95

Cheese Sticks
Mozzarella cheese sticks with marinara sauce  4.50

Chicken Fingers
Breaded white meat chicken strips fried til golden. Served with barbeque sauce.

Buffalo Wings
Hot and spicy chicken wings - with celery sticks and bleu cheese dressing.  5.50

Potato Skins
Deep fried and topped with cheese, bacon, and scallions. Served with salsa.  5.50

soups & sides

New England Clam Chowder      Cup  1.20    Bowl  1.95
Today's Special Soup   Cup  1.50    Bowl  1.95
Chili with cheese & onions   2.95
French Fries  1.95
Cole Slaw  1.50
Dinner Salad  2.50 Pasta Salad  1.75

super salads

Unlimited Salad & Fresh Fruit Bar
Fresh Vegetables ~ Fresh Fruit
Potato & Pasta Salads ~ Veggie Salads
Eggs ~ Cheeses ~ Tossed Greens
Assorted Dressings & Salad Toppings
Fresh Breads & Butter
Help yourself !

Grilled Chicken Caesar   6.95
Caesar salad topped with grilled chicken slices.

Caesar Salad  4.50
Tossed greens with Caesar dressing, croutons and Parmesan cheese.

Hojo Chef Salad  5.95
Salad greens, ripe tomato, egg slices
with roast turkey & Swiss cheese
chunks, croutons and dressing choice.

HOJO Classics

Boneless Sirloin
A tender, juicy eight ounce sirloin steak, lightly seasoned and broiled to order.  11.95

Liver & Onions
Tasty beef liver grilled with smothered onion
and bacon.  7.50

Meat Loaf
Great home style flavor in our special recipe. Topped with brown gravy.  6.95

Chicken Teriyaki
Boneless chicken breast, marinated and grilled with pineapple.  9.50

Chicken Chausser
Tender boneless chicken breast baked in a wine, mushroom and tomato sauce.  9.95

Heavenly Chicken
Grilled chicken breast topped with sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese.  9.95

It's Roast Time
Select your freshly roasted favorite  8.95

Turkey & Cranberry Sauce

Pork Loin & Applesauce
Served with unlimited salad & fruit bar,
potato, vegetable, herb stuffing and gravy.

from the sea
Includes our unlimited salad & fruit bar, vegetable and potato choice.

Fresh New England saltwater scrod...a tender mild white fish fillet.

Your choice  8.95

Broiled Scrod
Topped with seasoned crumbs
and lemon butter.

Baked Scrod Duglere
Baked in a wine herb and tomato sauce.

Tendersweet Fried Clams
Our famous clam strips freshly breaded in our special mix and fried golden brown  8.25

Fried Scrod
Lightly breaded and golden fried.
With tartare sauce.

favorite entrees
Include our unlimited salad & fruit bar

Beef Burgundy
Tender braised beef cubes and onions in a burgundy mushroom gravy. Served with rice.  8.95

Spaghetti & Meatballs
A generous portion of pasta with
Italian style tomato sauce, meatballs & garlic bread.  7.50

Stir Fried
Tender chicken strips, peppers, onions, and a touch of teriyaki. Served with rice.

Chicken & Biscuits
Chunks of chicken simmered with carrots and peas in a creamy sauce. Served over flaky biscuits.

Macaroni & Cheese
A casserole of baked macaroni and creamy aged cheddar cheese.  6.95

sandwich board meals
These great sandwiches are served warm with French fries.
Chicken sandwiches are on a Kaiser roll with lettuce and tomato.

Saratoga Grill
Grilled cheese, tomato slices and crispy bacon on grilled rye.  4.95

Sea Fry
Fried scrod on a kaiser roll with lettuce and tartare sauce.  5.50

Clam Roll
HJ's Tendersweet fried clam strips in a toasted New England bun.  5.25

Hot Turkey
Freshly roasted slices served over herb stuffing on bread and ladled over with gravy.  5.95

Chicken Delight
Grilled boneless chicken breast topped with Swiss cheese and crisp bacon.  5.95

Chicken Treasure
Lots of sauteed mushrooms buried under Swiss cheese on a grilled chicken breast.  5.95

Honey of Chicken
Boneless grilled breast with onion slice and honey mustard sauce.  4.95

HJ Club
Choose turkey or baked ham & Swiss. Three slices of toast layered with your choice of bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo  6.50

Unlimited Salad & Fresh Fruit Bar
With any sandwich or burger  2.95

HOJO deli
The choice is yours. Served with French fries or pasta salad.
Breads - white, wheat, rye, or kaiser roll

Baked Ham....... 4.95
Roast Turkey Breast..... 4.95
BLT ......... 3.95
Egg Salad ......... 3.50
Tuna Salad ....... 4.95
The Veggie (Lettuce, tomato, cuke
and onion with Swiss cheese....... 3.95

burger meals
Our third of a pound burgers are served on a Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato,
pickle slices, and special dressing. With your choice of French fries or pasta salad.

Hamburger   3.95

Cheeseburger  4.25

Baconburger  5.50
Two strips of bacon and American cheese
top this juicy burger.

Shrooms Burger  5.25
Melting Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms and
red onion top this great burger.

Our Famous  HJ hot dogs
On a toasted New England styleroll with French fries or cole slaw.

Grilled Frank  3.25
and a bowl of soup or chowder

Grilled Frank  2.25

Two Grilled Franks  3.95

Add sauerkraut & onion - or - chili, cheese & onion for .75 extra per dog.

Great Frozen Cocktails
Strawberry Daiquiri ~ Margaritas ~ Pina Colodas

Ice Cold Beers on draft
Killians Red  2.25
Coors Light  1.95
By the pitcher

House Wines
White Zinfandel
By the glass  3.25    Half carafe  7.50


Coffee or tea
hot 1.00
Iced 1.25

Large Milk of Chocolate Milk  1.25

Ice Cold Soda  1.25

Root Beer Float  2.50
Orange or Lemon Freeze  2.50
Coffee Freeze  2.50
N.E. Frappe  2.25
Thick Shake  2.50
Ice Cream Soda  2.65

Menu for those under 8
Your choice 3.95
(includes beverage and ice cream)

With tomato sauce and meatballs.

HOJO Burger
Cheeseburger and fries.

Simple Simon
Roast turkey with potato & vegetable.

The Pieman
Baked macaroni & cheese.

Diggity Dog
Grilled hot dog & fries.

No Bones
Chicken Fingers & Fries.

famous ice cream
Our premium ice cream is still made the old fashioned way with the finest of
ingredients from around the world. We truly care about quality. Flavors vary seasonally as we feature additional favorites.

DISH 1.75

Black Raspberry
Butter Pecan
Chocolate Almond
Chocolate Chip

Cookies & Cream
Maple Walnut
Mint Chip
Mocha Chip
Peppermint Stick
Pistachio Nut

Praline Pecan Crunch
Lime Sherbet
Orange Sherbet
Raspberry Sherbet

super sundaes
Select your favorite ice cream flavor and delicious sauce.
We'll top it with whipped cream and nuts.

Pineapple ~ Strawberry Fruit ~ Chocolate

2 Scoop Sundae 2.95       1 Scoop Sundae  2.25

from the
bake shop

Great Layer Cakes
coconut  2.50     chocolate  2.50

Apple Pie
Freshly baked apple pie.
Served warm if you like  1.95
with cheese, add .50
ala mode, add .95

Creamy Cheesecake  2.95
With strawberries  3.50

Chocolate Pudding
With whipped cream  1.75

Apple Crisp
Baked cinnamon apples with a crunchy crumb topping and vanilla ice cream  2.50

Ice Cream Puff
A flaky pastry puff filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with hot fudge or butterscotch  3.95

two spoon

Wow! Enough for two to share

Banana Royal
Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream on a banana with three great sauces: pineapple, strawberry and hot fudge. Topped with whipped cream and nuts.  4.25

Strawberry Shortcake
Rich Vanilla ice cream on pound cake with ripe red strawberry fruit and whipped cream.  3.95

Banana Fudgana
Gobs of hot fudge with three scoops of chocolate ice cream, banana slices and whipped cream  4.25

Hot Fudge Cake
Creamy vanilla ice cream between layers of rich chocolate cake. Topped with lots of hot fudge sauce and whipped cream.  3.95

fountain drinks
Tall and refreshing favorites

New England Frappe  2.50
Ice Cream Soda  2.75
Thick Milk Shakes (Vanilla ~ Chocolate ~ Strawberry)  2.65
Ice Cold Freezes (Lemon ~ Orange ~ Coffee)  2.50
Root Beer Float  2.50

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